What man really wants, in the end, is not happiness, but a reason to be happy.” – Viktor E. Frankl

Since 2005 I have supported people and companies as trainer, coach and consultant in a business context in order to widen the spectrum of possible solutions.

The main goal of my work is to develop new ways which support the personal growth of others which enables them to utilise more of our potential.

In this process we always orient ourselves to the core of the individual client.

This process is supported by

“experimentation with scenarios”, dialogue, constellation-works, role-playing, homework and certainly humour!


Most coaching sessions are on-line.

Vor Ort

The training- and consultancy assignments at the locations which are preferred by the client.

For 15 years I have focused on issues such as : leadership & management, personal growth and the. Importance of values. Over the years I have shifted the balance of my work more and more toward the coaching of managers/leaders.

Intensive cooperation with international partners and universities and constant training enable me the best quality of cooperation (or to work most collaboratively).


Career development
International Management
Cultural intelligence
Coherent work-life-balance
conflict management

Coaching & consulting

Individual coaching. We concentrate on the individual challenges of each client.

Team coaching. With the focus on the main team targets we work on the dynamics, role clarity and the supporting environmental conditions.

Workshop/team coaching. Here the focus is on the learning and implementation of new knowledge.

Consultancy. Here I support an individual manager or team for a longer period of time.


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