Cultural intelligence

Cultural intelligence is the ability to see the same situations from different perspectives to make better decisions and choose to respond instead of reacting.

Your personality determines how you WANT to behave, culture determines how you SHOULD behave. 

At the same time, we see that 80% of cultural differences are within countries, not between them.

60-80% of all problems in a company are due to clash of values, personalities and leadership challenges.

They stem from the same source, the lack of understanding of why people think and behave differently and how to turn those differences into synergy instead of painful liability.

In cooperation with ICQ Global we offer assessments, coaching and workshops to address the root cause of this challenge by developing the ability to see the same situation from different perspectives and turn a visibly diverse group into high-performing teams.

We measure the cognitive diversity, psychological safety and motivational drive. This enables to determine the root cause more accurately after our program we can measure the same parameters again and determine the actual improvement.